Every year we have again by: winter. Sometimes it’s a mild winter. Other years it’s a harsh winter, with all its consequences. Start Problems with the car and misery for animals and humans. But a harsh winter has its charms. Some love polar bears, others like to take beautiful snapshots of enchanting landscapes.

Winter is cool!
We begin to enumerate a number of positive aspects of winter. Winter is the season of choice to engage in winter sports: skiing, skating, hiking in the snow, cross country skiing, bobsleigh, etc. Cycling is an option, if one has the proper equipment and pay attention to a few things.

Many people can not leave the bike, even in the winter. Others are forced to the bike, rain or shine, to get to work. Not always evident. First and foremost you have to get dressed extra to get it warm. Then you have to take a few points in mind to not slide slicing every time.

Winter Wonders is: ice skating. And preferably on natural ice. Nice whiz with the nose in the wind, without restriction and without people everywhere. Do not forget to watch out for obstacles of all types! Never been on skates? So difficult is not. With some simple tips you will soon be a real pro!

Snow and ice are beautiful!
Snow and ice are not just cool to sports, it also provides very idyllic landscapes. And then the cameras above! Or, children begin to ask tough questions about where snow comes from and how it arises.

Snow and ice pictures
Snow and ice shooting can be a difficult task, even for seasoned photographers. The intense white soon blue on your picture and that’s really not the intention. Is this problem but with a few simple tips and tricks to quickly. Now you put all these magical landscapes without problems, and you can show off your beautiful images.

How about snow in together?
When everything outside is white, you sometimes wonder how snow actually works. Beautiful crystals, almost all unique.

And Winter car
Are you in span of your car because it will not start in the cold, there are a lot of ways to get him back to work. But you can also take your precautions and your car in tip-top placing in order for the winter.

Effects on humans and animals
Very rosy is not always the winter. Especially when cold and snow persist, some people gloomy and depressed to be. There is even a Blue Monday, the most depressing day of the year! Has to be careful even with dogs when it snows and freezes. They may get severe stomach problems by eating snow or frozen or sore feet from walking on sidewalks where salt is sprinkled.

The thaw finally!
Even when the thaw sets in, you have to be alert. You must protect your pipes, because they can jump through the ice back water and thus expands.